Real Love

I don’t think it’s possible for someone who has never had children to quite understand what it is like to be a parent. Especially, a mother.  It is the purest form of love. A blind love.  A selfless love.  A completely unconditional love.

I would do anything for my children, and I have.  I would sacrifice my own health, safety, and happiness,  just to know that they are healthy, safe, and happy….I would die for them…. even kill for them, if I had to.   My love for them has caused me more fear, worry, and anxiety…. anger, hurt, and tears…. pride, laughter, and incomparable joy! More than any other relationship.  I wouldn’t change a thing…..  I would do it all over again….  and hopefully, one day,  they will have children of their own…. and then they will fully understand just how much I have loved them.