Real Love

I don’t think it’s possible for someone who has never had children to quite understand what it is like to be a parent. Especially, a mother.  It is the purest form of love. A blind love.  A selfless love.  A completely unconditional love.

I would do anything for my children, and I have.  I would sacrifice my own health, safety, and happiness,  just to know that they are healthy, safe, and happy….I would die for them…. even kill for them, if I had to.   My love for them has caused me more fear, worry, and anxiety…. anger, hurt, and tears…. pride, laughter, and incomparable joy! More than any other relationship.  I wouldn’t change a thing…..  I would do it all over again….  and hopefully, one day,  they will have children of their own…. and then they will fully understand just how much I have loved them.




Past The Point Of No Return…

We walked hand and hand through the Fields of Friendship….then wandered into the Land of Lovers….

Way past the Point of No Return… 

Oh how I wish we could go back to those carefree fields, full of laughter and fun, silliness and sunshine, hopes and dreams, secrets and smiles…… 

But, we wandered too far and we lost our way…. lost each other….and now we can never go back. 

I will always remember those days….and I will always miss you, my friend.