Ahh…that’s better

I found out today that there is a possibility that we will be getting the keys to our new house before June 1st!  Now, that is motivation to get things done!  Not to mention that I am feeling much better today, less lazy and more accomplished.

I wish I had something inspiring or witty to write about, not that I have ever really been all that inspiring or witty…but, in the weeks to come maybe I will have something at least somewhat interesting to share…hopefully.

Oh! I did join a gym this past weekend!   No…… Just writing that even bores me!

Oh well…..maybe after the move 🙂

In the meantime…..here is a photo of the house!

Notice there is no grass…yeah… at first I didn’t like this.  But, now that I have gone back over a few times and I’ve seen the landscaping in full bloom,  I actually really like it.  Besides, all the plants are drought tolerant and native to this area… which means we will use less water,  spend less money…. and we won’t have to spend all our weekends doing yard work….  sounds perfect to me!




Just one of those days…

I’m feeling extremely lazy today.  I got up and made it to class on time, got all my work done and actually had a pretty good day.  But, now that I’m home,  I can’t seem to find the motivation or energy to do anything and I have a lot that I could/should be doing.  I am moving into a new house in less than 10 days and I really need to pack.  I also need to finish the laundry, bathe the dog, do some grocery shopping, clean the toilets, etc.. etc…  but, all I want to do right now is sit here….and type, obviously.  Hopefully, the motivation will come over me soon.   Maybe a nap will help….or maybe I need a good stiff one……..drink, that is.  😉