Treasure Hunting

Today my son and I went on a treasure hunt, exploring several of the local antique shops.  It’s one of our favorite ways to pass the time…or, in my case, procrastinate on things I should be doing..such as the laundry…and packing.   

Here are some of my favorite finds from today….I came home empty handed because I don’t like to part with money unless I absolutely have to….but, I had a great day with my son nonetheless!

Loved this little hand painted side table!

Cute refurbished chair!

I fell in love with this desk…and may actually go back to try and negotiate the price down a little. I have been needing a desk and this one is so pretty and unique!

And yet, still practical 🙂

I had this very same lunch box in elementary school…ah memories

A welcoming sign

Loved this! But not for $80 bucks!

I thought these were really pretty

I like the way this display was grouped together

Another cute refurbished chair! Love the blue.

And another great hand painted side table

And finally, a very unique and pretty candle holder



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